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We carry only the highest quality masonry supplies for your projects.

Premium Masonry Supplies

We take pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality masonry supplies that can be used in just about any commercial or residential project.

All American Stone and Turf stocks large quantities of masonry supplies that are necessary to complete a building project. We are local and you can drive right on our property and pick up your materials. If you are not sure what you need, we have an experienced staff that can help you. We also offer convenient delivery options.

We carry the following masonry supplies.

  • Angle Iron (Lintel)
  • White Sand
  • Cinder Block (variety of sizes)
  • Chimney Flue Liners
  • Fire Brick
  • Mortar Mix

For more complete information about our masonry supplies see below.

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Drew is our resident brick and masonry specialist. He can answer any questions about bricks, masonry supplies, or your project.

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Masonry Supplies

Angle Iron (Lintel)

Different sizes are available, based on the job for which it is needed. Shorter sizes are typically used over doors and windows while the longer size is used above garages and openings with longer expansions. We can also cut a piece of angle iron to your specific length – just call the office and tell us what you need.

Sizes available:

  • 3″ x 3″
  • 3″ x 5″
  • Any size cut to your specifications

White Sand

This product is used for mixing with mortar. We can deliver the sand for you, if needed. Call the office for more information about our delivery services.

Cinder Blocks

Use cinder blocks with any masonry that needs a block interior. We keep these on our premise and can help load your truck or deliver to the job location. We can also order split-faced block in a variety of colors.

Sizes available:

  • 4″ x 8″ x 16″
  • 6″ x 8″ x 16″
  • 8″ x 8″ x 16″

Chimney Flue

A flue helps prevent erosion caused by heat and is used for building full masonry fireplaces. The dimensions are 13″ x 17″ x 12″ and is made from red clay.

Fire Brick

Fire brick is buff in color and is used where there is high or intense heat, such as fireplaces or fire pits.

Sizes and styles available:

  • Full brick – 9″
  • Split brick – 9″

Mortar Mix

Mortar mix, a combination of sand and cement, is added to water and forms a compound that bonds together bricks or blocks that are used in construction.

The following types of mortar mix are available:

  • Masonry Cement – Gray – Type N
  • Masonry Cement – Gray – Type S
  • Masonry Cement – White – Type N
  • Portland Cement – Gray – Type 1
Fire bricks, cinder blocks, and stone veneer are
just a few of the masonry supplies we keep in stock.

Check out some projects completed with our masonry supplies.

To complete a project the right way, you need quality materials. We have several sizes of angle iron, white sand, cinder blocks red clay chimney flue liners, fire brick for high heat areas, and mortar mix.

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Need Help with your Project?

Take advantage of expert advice from our savvy brick and masonry professionals.

Drew is our resident brick specialist. He can answer any questions about bricks, masonry, or your project.

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