Boulders - Flagstone - Limestone - Sandstone - Building Stone

Using stones, such as boulders, flagstone, limestone, sandstone, and building stones are like adding jewelry to your landscape. They are excellent materials to use for a variety of landscaping projects, and you can see them used throughout the College Station and Bryan area. There are many colors, sizes and varieties of stones and rocks from which to select, and you can be assured that we can safely deliver your order right to your construction location.

The following photos show just a small portion of our stone selections. Our inventory is always changing as groups of stones are sold and new ones are purchased and added to the inventory.

Dinosaurs or other ancient creatures may have walked or swam here! Look through our selections of stand-up flagstone and you may even find a stone that contains an ancient fossil.



These are the colors you most often see in moss boulders and they are often used to accent landscaping projects.
These boulders are great for rock waterfalls in gardens, retaining walls, and as natural accents in a garden or landscape.

building stone

Building Stone

This particular building stone is used for brick ledge thickness applications.

We carry numerous types and colors of building stone.



We have an array of colors and sizes of flagstone. It is often used as pathways and around pools areas in the College Station and Bryan area.



Limestone is a very popular stone around the College Station, Bryan, and Brazos Valley region. The most popular colors are white, cream and nicotine.


Flat Flagstone

Flat limestone boulders can also be used as retaining walls or just scattered throughout the landscape for a natural look.

The cream color of this limestone will highlight any landscape.



You will see sandstone used often for residential or commercial purposes because it comes in a variety of different colors and tones. This makes it easy to get the perfect blend for any project.

Our sandstone is offered in quarry chop or random flagging.

Spruce up your landscape with our selections

of sandstone, boulders, limestone

flagstone and building stone.

These stones add vitality to

patios, waterfalls, walkways, pool areas, and other landscaping projects.

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