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Ask us about landscaping and building projects. From topsoil to mulch and stones, we answer your questions. With the wide variety of landscaping products we carry, there are many of questions you may have about selecting the right type of mulch, purchasing topsoil, or using large stones for landscaping. Our most common questions are answered below, and we can offer more detailed information about any of the landscaping products you may need for your next project.

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Q: Are large stones, boulders, or rocks appropriate to place in residential lawns?
A: Absolutely! Many of our residential customers place large rocks or boulders in their lawns and it adds an extra bit of polish to the landscape. Large stones, rocks, and boulders are often centerpieces of the landscape.

Q: What is the difference between compost and mulch?
A: Compost is usually a decomposed organic matter that is most often used as a soil amendment or as a fertilizer. Mulch is used as a protective layer over soil to act as a barrier for weed growth and seed germination. Mulching also helps trap moisture in the soil, limits erosion, and can provide nutrients for the soil and plant roots.

Q: I am a contractor and am working on a large commercial project. Do you sell materials and products in bulk?
A: We can supply contractors with large amounts of material. We have several trucks that can accommodate any size order.

Q: Is it a difficult process to pick up stones, turf or landscaping material?
A: We aren't like a big box store - our customers can drive right in to the College Station parking lot, get what they need and be on their way. And to make it easier for you to make your purchase, our staff will load everything in your vehicle for you.

Q: I am planting some flowers in small pots. Can I purchase a small amount of potting soil for my project?
A: We have just what you need, even for small projects. If you need just half a cubic yard of material or just a single bag of soil, we can help you.

Q: Tell me about your mixes.
A: We combine our mixes to very high standards right on our College Station location. We ensure that it has the nutrients needed to grow and sustain a healthy lawn or garden.

Q: I live in the College Station - Bryan area and have a lot of clay in my soil. What products should I add to improve it for growing a flower bed or a garden ?
A: We would recommend our compost because it contains gypsum. That will help loosen the clay.

Q: What is the safest material to use on a playground around slides and swings?
A: We have three products that are commonly used on playgrounds. The first is a playground pillow that is a pine-based mulch. The second is pea gravel, and it can easily be spread on a surface where children play. The third option is a rubber mulch that we can order. It comes in dozens of shades and will retain the color for 12 years.

Q: What is the difference between bedding mix and potting soil?
A: Bedding mix is used in beds while potting mix is used in a container application.

Q: I need a large amount of topsoil but I have no way to get it home. Can you help?
A: We do provide delivery service. Just place your order with the College Station office and no matter what amount you need, just have a place for the material to be unloaded when we get there. That's all there is to it.

Q: What landscaping products do you carry?
A: We carry a wide variety of landscaping materials and products such as pea gravel, mulch, topsoil, planter's mix, large stones, boulders, and other products that will add zing to a residential or commercial property.

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