Types of Grass and Turf to Plant in Texas - College Station - Bryan - and the Brazos Valley

Selecting the types of turf or grass that will grow well in College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas in Texas can be tricky. Our staff can suggest the type of grass or turf that will grow successfully in your lawn, depending on several variables.

While water is a critical element for turf and grass growth success, selection of the right type of grass for certain locations in College Station or Bryan is very important. Some grass, like Raleigh or Palmetto St. Augustine, will grow in shade while others need full sun. Some types of grass, like Tifway, will tolerate foot traffic like you see on a golf course, while others, like Centipede, will not. Heat in College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas of Texas, can present problems for maintaining a hardy, green lawn during the summer months. Some types of turf or grass, like St. Augustine or Zoysia, can withstand the heat while others, like Centipede, might struggle without proper maintenance.

grass types

Our grass and turf selections include the following varieties:

Raleigh St. Augustine Palmetto St. Augustine Tifway 419 Celebration Bermuda
Palisades Zoysia Empire Zoysia Cavalier Zoysia Buffalo
Centipede Jamur Zoysia Tifdwarf Tif Sport

The staff at All American Stone and Turf has years of experience working with the different varieties of grass and understands the conditions under which they can grow and thrive. An overview about tolerance conditions can be seen on our resistance chart, and we can offer additional information about specific types of grass and turf, perfect for College Station and Bryan weather.

A small sample of our grass selections is pictured below.

turf grass sample-Tifway 419
Tifway 419

turf grass Palmetto St. Augustine
Palmetto St. Augustine
Raleigh St. Augustine turf grass
Raleigh St. Augustine

Celebration Bermuda turf grass sample
Celebration Bermuda
Palisades Zoysia turf grass sample
Palisades Zoysia

Empire Zoysia turf grass sample
Empire Zoysia grass

St. Augustine - Tif - Buffalo - Centipede - Bermuda - Zoysia

Which type of grass grows best

in College Station, Bryan, and the Brazos Valley?

There is no "one answer fits all."

We will make the BEST recommendation that will give you the BEST results.

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